From Containment to Nurturing: How the UK can become a world leader in cannabinoid innovation
Professor Chris Hodges OBE's Review of UK Public Policy and Regulatory Stewardship of the Legal Cannabis Industry.

20 key recommendations to set the UK on a path to become the global leader in cannabinoid innovation.
The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis presents Decalogue, a report containing a collection of 10 ideas to accelerate patient access & therapeutic understanding of medicinal cannabis.
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Progress never happens by default.
That’s why our members joined.

What we do

The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis has a formidable in-house mix of medical expertise, political nous and analytical skills that our members can depend on to bring about positive reform. We’re also very well-connected indeed. 

In 2018, our founders ran the successful campaign to legalise medicinal cannabis. We’re now making further progress, one victory at a time. When you’ve read more about the work we do, consider applying for CMC membership.

Your representation in the corridors of power

Achieving even modest shifts in policy – let alone the substantial changes that we aspire to make – demands in-depth knowledge of the workings of both Westminster and Whitehall. Having access to decision-makers on the inside is equally important. We meet both criteria. With our proven expertise, strategic advice and ability to engage with those who matter, it’s no coincidence that we’ll shortly be hosting the UK’s first All Party Parliamentary Group for the Cannabinoid Industry.

We inform and unite

We don’t believe that those working in the sector should be doing so in isolation. Which is why we host unmissable networking events featuring exceptional speakers and panelists. In 2021, for example, we hosted the inaugural UK Medicinal Cannabis Summit in partnership with NICE and NIHR.

Superbly well-connected

We’re in regular contact with senior officials in every relevant Government department and agency. Our public policy analyses have made us the natural choice for politicians to engage and consult with. Groups we’ve met, and will continue to meet, include:

  • The Prime Minister’s Taskforce on Innovation, Growth and Regulatory Reform

  • The Home Office’s THC consultation

  • The Government Chemist’s ring trial

We get the word out there

Just as our expertise in our field is recognised by legislators and doctors, the media also appreciate the importance of hearing from those able to speak with authority. We have regular dialogue with respected print, broadcast and online media, and trade journals. We’re also active across our numerous social media channels.

We’re the first to know and the first to explain

Being analysts and strategists, we find and illuminate the trends shown in current data. Which means the latest analysis is always at our fingertips. And therefore at the fingertips of our membership, too. This ensures we’re authoritative and strategically sound, producing reports such as our Green Shoots: Sowing the Seeds of the New UK Cannabinoid Market (2021). We were also YouGov’s partner in the definitive report Left Behind: The Scale of Illegal Cannabis use for Medicinal Intent in the UK.


We’re always up to date

One of the complications of attempting to bring about change in the medicinal sector is that new and amended regulations can appear at any time. To prevent our members from being blindsided by these or other unforeseen rulings, we’re in continual contact with bodies including:

  • The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)

  • Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

  • Care Quality Commission (CQC)

  • The Home Office

  • The Office of the Prime Minister

We help the sector find financial support

Investment in businesses within the sector is vital for the success of both the companies themselves and the industry as a whole. There may, however, be reasons why some will find the process of securing such investment harder than necessary. To counteract those, we’re setting up the Investors’ Forum.

Our team

They’re formidable enough as individuals. But we have the entire set.

The CMC can draw on a diverse and complimentary range of skills. It’s a combination that’s enabled us to achieve the victories we’ve had so far. And it’s the reason we’ll have more in the future.

Prof Trevor Jones


Professor Jones is well known internationally for his activities in the pharmaceutical industry, biotech industry and academia. His extensive resume includes, Board Director for Research & Development at The Wellcome Foundation Ltd (Wellcome plc), Director General of the The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), Vice Chair of King’s College London Council and a Commissioner at the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Dr Elisabeth Philipps


Dr Elisabeth Philipps is a clinical neuroscientist and integrative medicine practitioner who founded a consultancy specialising in brain health, the endocannabinoid system and phytocannabinoids including CBD and medicinal cannabis. Her focus includes translational research and clinical and industry education around the body's endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid product, with particular emphasis on the use of cannabinoid medicine for traumatic brain injuries in professional sports.

Dr. Parveen Bhatarah


Dr Bhatarah has over 20 years’ experience within the international pharmaceutical industry & regulatory environment. She has 12 years’ experience in the Medicinal Cannabis industry, covering everything from cultivation to FDA approval of finished medicinal products, and has expertise in product development for clinical trials, commercial launch, technology transfer and manufacture

Dr. Andy Yates


Dr Yates has over 20 years’ pharma and biotech experience working in the R&D, medical affairs, commercial, business development and strategy functions. He has extensive experience in all aspects of medicine development programmes including 3 cannabinoid based medicines. Andy is a UK pharmacist who received his PhD in cannabinoid medicinal chemistry from the University of Nottingham

Tom Risby


Tom graduated from Durham University in 2021, studying Philosophy and Psychology with particular interests in applied ethics and political psychology He joins as a political intern committed to cannabis policy development that creates strong and enduring change that benefits the many

Steve Moore


Steve is the cofounder of Centre for Medicinal Cannabis, Association for the Cannabinoid Industry and think tank VolteFace. He was formerly Chief Executive of the Big Society Network which is launched with then Prime Minister David Cameron in 2010. Steve provided public affairs counsel to Channel 4 from 2004-2010 He is currently Chair of sustainability branding agency Earth Strategies, strategic counsel to the Design and Arts Copyright Society and the Big Tent Foundation. Steve writes on politics and society for Reaction

Bill Griffin


In 2008 Bill had a medicinal need for cannabis. He had ‘challenges’ in getting a trustworthy supply and started to write about his experience in order to help others who found themselves in a similar position. He was able to transition his communication skills into the emerging cannabis industry. He’s worked as a journalist and a research analyst covering cannabis medicinal and wellbeing markets in the UK and Europe. Bill has also published online, in trade publications (pharmacy, food, retail and cannabis) and in mainstream UK newspapers.

Zehra Zahir


Considering CMC membership?

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The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis has a formidable in-house mix of medical expertise, political nouse and analytical skills that our members can depend on to bring about positive reform. We’re also very well-connected indeed. 

In 2018, our founders ran the successful campaign to legalise medicinal cannabis. We’re now making further progress, one victory at a time.

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